Touch Yarns:  Fine Micron Wool Yarn

possum hand dyed cardiganTouch Yarns is a New Zealand Company that produces fantastic quality yarns.

You know why they chose such a corporate name when you touch their products.

Due to the fine micron wool that they specialise in, you immediately notice how soft the yarn is and it is never prickly and never makes you itchy.

They specialise in wool fibre under 23 microns and Superfine Kid Mohair, Merino and Polwarth wools. They also have a possum yarn range.

The Picture on the left is a possum yarn hand dyed cardigan.

slib 8 Ply JumperPossum Cable JumperThe Woolshed @ Manuka Love the Yarn that Touch Yarns Produce. It is a luxurious product. We stock several of their lines and we can order in any other yarns that you may desire quite fast.

Touch Yarns have a selection of patterns on their Web Site, however, in order to really understand what you want you should touch the yarn first.

They also have some gorgeous colours.....

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